Brief History of the Caftan & Why You Should Get One Now!

You might have noticed that here at Moon Rush Designs, we have a bit of a thing for caftans. We see the light-weight, loose-fitting, robe-like garment as the perfect attire for the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis. Caftans make life a little bit easier, and they’ve been doing their thing for quite some time.

The caftan (or kaftan) originated in Mesopotamia around 600 B.C. Since then these multi-purpose garments have been worn and celebrated throughout different time periods and in many different cultures.

Sultans suited up in caftans in the Ottoman Empire, sporting large decorative patterns in earlier centuries, before transitioning to smaller, brighter patterns in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

They’ve served as a uniform for male judges in Algeria, been a symbol of Slavic nobility, and been donned as ritual religious clothing by members of the Russian Orthodox Old Believers. 

Caftans have been and remain especially popular in Morocco. Worn there exclusively by women, “Moroccan caftans are representative of the diverse cultural identities and cultural heritage influences” of the country. Caftans in Morocco are often worn casually, but can also act as formal attire depending on the materials used in crafting the garment.  

They became a staple of American hippie couture in the 1960s, and a favorite of Elizabeth Taylor’s in the 1970s. In 1975, Taylor even wore a caftan designed by Gina Fratin during her second wedding to Richard Burton.

Hollywood still has its share of caftan-loving stars, with Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks describing her recent “caftan and casserole” themed birthday party on The Tonight Show:

 “It was my friend Bo’s idea; he knows that I love a caftan. It’s what I wear at home all the time — it’s just my go-to thing ….”

And that right there is best thing about caftans. You can wear them all the time, for any occasion. No one has to stress about getting into “caftan shape”, because every single body is already in perfect condition to rock one! 

You can dress them up, or keep it simple. Caftans give you the gift of style and comfort, and allow you to find the ideal balance between elegance and movement. 

Wearing a caftan frees you up to carry on being world changers and creative forces of good, and at Moon Rush Designs that’s all we want for you.

(Plus, maybe you’ll get invited to Christina Hendricks’ next caftan party and sell her on your Joan and Peggy Mad Men spinoff? Sure it's a long shot, but we’ve infused our caftans with a bit magic for a reason….)