Full Moon Rising

Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Kramer/ CC BY 2.0

A full moon shines tomorrow, and brings with it a host of different meanings, theories, and rituals.

For some, full moons are linked with chaos and insanity. After all, the word “lunatic” comes from the Roman Moon Goddess Luna, and folklore has long contended that a full moon makes ordinary people go mad.

Old time philosophers thought the moon controlled the water in your brain the same way it controls the tides. They believed a full, bright moon made your brain especially susceptible to its whims. 

In 18th century England a person could receive a more lenient sentence if they committed a crime during a full moon, and patients in mental hospitals would be held under extra restraint during this supposedly sinister phase of the lunar cycle.

Innuendo and anecdotal evidence tells us tales of spiking crime rates, emergency visits, early labor, traffic accidents, mental breakdowns, and general weirdness all concurring with the rise of the full moon. 

(It’s when werewolves roam free, after all.) 

Others believe that aliens inhabit the moon. That it merely masquerades as a natural satellite when in reality it exists as an extraterrestrial spacecraft created by superior beings plotting our destruction.

Yet modern science and witchcraft both refute the darker side of full moons. The former insisting that any rise in strange behavior is inconsistent and coincidental, and the latter praising it as a time of greater intuition, productivity, and fertility. 

At Moon Rush Designs, we don’t claim to hold the answers to all the universe’s mysteries, and we don’t seek to tell you your beliefs. 

What do we believe? We believe in love, simplicity, strength, resistance, and a dash of mysticism. 

We believe a full moon can signify a time for action, a time for movement, a time for peace, and a time to appreciate the simplicity of the night sky. 

(We also believe that caftans would make an excellent space warrior suit in case moon aliens really are planning an invasion.)


Moon Rush Designs is also a huge believer in great music. So check out our moon inspired playlist below!

Moon Playlist.

Harvest Moon- Neil Young
I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight- Neko Case
Bad Moon Rising- Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Killing Moon- Echo and The Bunnymen
Pink Moon-  Nick Drake
Dancing In The Moonlight- King Harvest
Red Moon- The Walkmen
Blue Moon- The Marcels


Joanna Smetanka